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Cats in the Tardis

Sorry to burn so unexpectedly...

Bad Wolf

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Pearl Jam fanatic. Whovian. Original Kaniac. Supernatural fangirl. Hemsworthian. Photog. Trucker Wife(to an amazing man), mom to a 15 year old heathen girl(she's my step daughter, but I'm the only mommy she's got), daughter, furmom to 6 fur monsters - German Spitz(Autzen aka Bubby), Siamese(Eliot Spencer), Tuxedo with a Mustache(Beans aka The Terrorist), Heeler Mix(Pearl Piggy), Maine Coon Kitten(Ruby Rose) and Dwarf Bunny(Cadbury) and one furbaby in heaven Maine Coon Angel Tabby Lu June 20, 2003 - November 23, 2014. I am bipolar and not afraid to talk about it. I've had a hip replacement due to a birth defect and willing to talk about that too. This is a personal blog where I will talk about family and friends and my bipolar and my pets and my love of animals and my love of Pearl Jam and Prince and Christian Kane and probably my obsessions with Doctor Who, Supernatural and Angel and every once in a while throw other random fangirling things in here. I'm also an artist and a writer...neither by choice...lol

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My favorite color is Pink.
My favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, Rocky Horror, Fried Green Tomatoes and Legends of the Fall.
My favorite TV Shows are Doctor Who, Supernatural, Leverage and Angel(yes I know the later two are not on anymore).
My favorite Doctor is Ten.
My favorite animals are all of them....I love animals.
My favorite food is Chinese food.
My favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer.
My favorite Ice Cream is Grandma's Cake Batter from Tillamook Creamery or World Class Chocolate from Baskin Robins.
My favorite band is Pearl Jam, followed closely by Bon Jovi.
My favorite singer of all time is Prince, followed by Christian Kane, Shawn Mullins and Pink.
My favorite song of all time would have to be Track 29 by Christian Kane(I have it tattooed on my forearm.)
My favorite place is Cannon Beach, OR.
My favorite book is The Bird Artist by Howard Norman. I love to read.
My favorite poet is Jim Morrison followed by Michael Madsen(yes, the actor).

I love Tattoos, I have 19, with more to come. They all tell a story.
I change my hair all the time...I get bored easily.
I tend to be a little on the wild side, I really was in my younger days(danced in a cage once), still am a little bit, I'm definitely not conservative or shy, I'm more outspoken and I tend to not GAF if I offend anyone with my words or beliefs...because lets face it, they're mine and I'm entitled to have them....so if you're offended by that then move on...
I love Country Music. I'm Originally from Texas, and when I get tired or angry my southern really comes out.
I've always said I am American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God, and Oregonian by Choice...lol
I love my job. I work as a Delivery Clerk for a large food supply company, working directly with the Delivery Drivers as they get back from their routes, and a lot of the time they are tired and grouchy, but I try to make the end of their day easy and decent and joke with them and I think they all love me... :-) It's a good gig! They're like my kids.
I own my own home.
I did spend almost 4 full years in college pursuing an art degree, but I was having a very difficult time, and dropped out 28 credits shy of graduation, it's a long story so I won't put it all here, but cut to the chase I nearly had a mental break down. So, in other words, I'm not a stupid person....I am well educated.
I love to write too, as I said before, I haven't written poetry in years but I do try to write short stories now and again.(tends to be mostly fanfic) lol
I also try to keep up my art skills with drawing and painting and photography mostly.

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Whisper by Me.

Also, I am in this music video, it was a blast to film!!! :-)

"Throughout history there have been many, many kings, both real and mythological....but there is only one Prince..." ~Alicia Keys paraphrased.
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